Why Spiritual Fertility Healing?

Spiritual fertility healing addresses the energetic and emotional root causes that are not addressed by Western Medicine. This technique looks at energetic blocks, past life interferences, and more. The most magical part of this type of healing is creating a soul connection with the spirit of the baby that is ready to come into this life.

Pregnancy Loss Healing

Have you lost a child to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death? I can help you release the grief and trauma related to loss.


Are you struggling with infertility or going through IVF/IUI? I can help you release any energetic and spiritual interference to allow you to conceive and increase your odds of IVF/IUI.

Womb Healing

Have you experienced sexual trauma? I can help you release sexual trauma and heal your womb.

My calling is to bring forth Lemurian children into the new reality which is coming upon earth. I connect parents to the highest vibrational beings possible who wish to incarnate upon the planet. 

Lemuria was an ancient land in the South Pacific full of caring, wise, compassionate and spiritually elevated souls who brought infinite wisdom and knowledge from the stars to earth.

I had many lifetimes in ancient Lemuria bringing down these star children and connecting them directly into the womb of the mothers who would bear them. This is my history and my calling in this lifetime. I create a soul connection between the mother and the baby. I create the environment in the mother’s womb that makes it possible for her to conceive and nurture this type of soul in her womb.

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Meet Elaine

Celestial Soul Midwife and Master Healer.
Elaine Lopez-Bogard

Elaine Lopez-Bogard

Owner/Master Healer

Elaine is a naturally gifted healer and has a unique gift to help women heal their womb. Elaine is a Spiritual Soul Midwife who brings in the energy of star children from Lemuria. In ancient Lemuria, she had the duty of connecting women and mothers to their soul children in the etheric realms. This memory and knowledge has been reawakened in her so that she can bring in the Lemurian star seeds of old in today's time. Elaine has many years of experience as a Wholistic Kinesiologist, Certified Natural Health Practitioner and Shaman/Curandera/Medicine Woman. She has a working knowledge of herbs and remedies but her true gift lies in the spirit world shere she is aabel to directly see the energies inside and outside where she is able to adhere the energies surrounding a woman and connect that woman to her beloved child in the spiritual realms. She is called to bring in the ancient ideals of the Lemurian civilization into today's world by assisting those star children back onto earth at this time. She is a clairvoyant and clairaudient healer from the highest spiritual planes of existence. her duty is to raise the consciousness of humans to the highest level possible while healing the particular issues of women.

What clients say

Nicole Dodson-Sands

Nicole Dodson-Sands

"I had 4 pregnancy losses and Elaine helped me release so much trauma and grief that I had stuffed inside body. Elaine also helped regulate my body so I could begin ovulating regularly. While working with her I was able to conceived my daughter."



"Elaine Bogard specializes in emotional release work. I went to her not really knowing what to expect. I was pregnant at the time with a history of a full term loss 6 years ago. I was searching to have a better birth experience. I had no idea I had so much grief energy still stuck inside me. It took a lot of different techniques to get it out. It was very draining as it was released. I literally felt the energy move out of me. I felt so light afterwards. It was like I couldn't stop smiling. Wow! What an experience. There were other blockages she found as well that I didn't even know existed. She even gave me things to take home to further support my progress. I would recommend Elaine's services to everyone, and especially if you have experienced a loss. We all have blockages from some point in our lives and there is help to come back into balance. Elaine is the answer. She has some amazing techniques up her sleeve! Stefanie L



"Before I went to see Elaine I was consumed with so much anxiety. Using energy healing, Elaine was able to help me release my anxiety and I was able to conceive my rainbow baby."

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