Pregnancy Loss Healing

Pregnancy Loss can be a miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, or abortion. Whether intentional or not, pregnancy loss is a very delicate subject for women. When a woman loses a child she loses a part of herself as her DNA and her body were used to house that child and incubate that child for a certain amount of time. The grief that a woman experiences when she loses a child is overwhelming. It is very heavy and emotional in nature and when a woman loses a child the loss is so astounding that oftentimes she goes into a state of deep despair and unrelenting grief. However, society does not allow women to demonstrate or express their despair and grief so that they can move forward and release these emotions. Oftentimes, these emotions becomes stifled or repressed and not released and this affects the woman in their bodies and their minds. My calling is to help women truly release all the despair, grief, depression, guilt, shame and anxiety that they have regarding the loss of a child. Once that healing takes place through my channeling of healing spirits, the groundwork can be laid for women to conceive again. The conception will take place in a spirit of love, joy, happiness and true intention by healing women from these traumatic wounds. They can experience a new way of looking at life and anew way to bring in a child that will be truly loved and welcomed in the highest way possible. This is what I do and this is an experience that all women can partake in whether they choose to have another child or not.