Womb Healing

Women’s wombs are the creators of life in this reality. Women are chosen to be the bridge between the spiritual realms and the material realms. Their bodies act as an offering as they bring new life through the creation of a baby into this world. Babies are brought in from the stars through a mother’s womb. A mother’s womb needs to be joyful, happy, loving nurturing and caring to carry the happiest and most joyful babies possible. The womb is a hallmark of creativity and every sense. If your womb is not in a state of beauty and health it will be difficult for you to create in this reality. Creating a child is the highest form of creation in this reality but you can also create many things such as a business an organization a charity by having a healthy womb.

I help cleanse the energetic toxins and residue of any type of harm or dishonor or strife that takes place in a woman’s womb. This can come through many actions or this can be caused by many things but I help treat the inherent disease whether physical or non-physical that occurs in a woman’s uterus. By cleansing and purifying the womb the whole woman’s body including her psyche heart and soul becomes cleansed and she will be able to create more uplifting, loving and higher vibrational ideas and manifestations by having me heal her womb.