Connect with the soul of your baby & resolve fertility issues with energy healing, kinesiology & loving guidance 

Have you experienced loss of pregnancy, miscarriages, or unsuccessful conception attempts?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to naturally conceive and birth a child but are losing hope?

Are you interested in alternative & complimentary treatments to improve fertility?


Hi, my name is Elaine, Fertility Intuitive, Celestial Soul Midwife, & Multidimensional Healer

I help women to:

  • Heal their womb from fertility issues
  • Heal from pregnancy loss
  • Heal from sexual trauma
  • Connect you with the soul of your unborn child 


Losing a pregnancy, keeping a miscarriage a secret, and unsuccessful fertility treatments can take you to a dark, depressed place. These events are traumas to the womb, and if left untreated, could stay with you for a lifetime, affecting your love life, your fertility, your personal confidence and your mental and physical well-being. 

Facing pregnancy loss and infertility alone is common in our society but knowing that doesn’t make your own loss hurt any less. Many women report having no time to grieve their loss, and no one to really talk to about it. This silent suffering women endure has resulted from the absence of pregnancy loss support in our current patriarchal healthcare system and being disconnected to our wombs. 

You deserve to have peace in your heart, know that you’re not alone, and feel hopeful again. 


Would You Like To:

  • Feel confident in your body and regain your personal power?
  • Be supported in family planning and big decisions?
  • Let go of resentment and feel genuinely happy for your pregnant friends again?
  • Relax during your pregnancy and feel at peace with your past?
  • Feel the promise of hope and possibilities as a mother?
  • Connect with your inner Goddess and unblock your desire for intimacy?


If you answered yes to any of the above, I would love to talk with you. Use the app below to schedule a connection call and see if Quantum Fertility Healing is right for you.