You Know You’re Meant To Be a Mom.

Fertility issues? Pregnancy loss? Birth trauma?
I can help you get pregnant and hold your baby in your arms.

What I Can Help You With

A holistic approach to fertility & family planning.

Womb Healing

Connect to your sacred womb space and ignite your innate ability to create in all areas of your life.

Pregnancy Loss Healing

Gain understanding, peace, and fully process grief from pregnancy loss.

Spirit Baby Communication

Connect with the soul of your baby, learn what he or she needs in order to be brought into the physical world.

Conscious Conception

Let me help you discover your true calling as a divine creator and prepare for a conscious conception.

Alternative Solutions

Learn about alternative fertility treatments that conventional doctors don't offer. My expertise in shamanic healing and kinesiology can help you get pregnant.

Fertility Assessments

Using kinesiology I'll check your physical body to determine imbalances and give you customized solutions.

What My Clients Are Saying

Evangeline G.
Evangeline G.

I was lucky enough to meet Elaine and hear about her work using Applied Kinesiology to heal grief. I had used Applied Kinesiology in the past for my physical health and had great results, so I was eager to see how this could help my emotions. I had two sessions with Elaine and I saw immediate and lasting results both times. She was able to work with my obvious anxiety, grief and fears, and was also able to uncover some underlying beliefs that were inhibiting me.

One of the great aspects of working with Elaine is that she teaches you techniques that you can use on yourself when you go home. She is also warm and has a way of putting you at ease. I highly recommend her for any type of personal growth!

Cynthia A.
Cynthia A.Austin, TX

Elaine has a very special gift, and she is a true healer in every sense of the word. She helps you become aware of subconscious and underlying causes to infertility that conventional fertility specialists don't even consider. If you are thinking about IVF or already started it but struggling, I highly recommend you speak to Elaine and see your other options.


I contacted Elaine to connect to my next baby. It was more than I expected! Not only did my spirit baby show up, but so did a couple other spirits offering words of love and support.

Elaine is connected to her gifts and her work. If you desire to welcome a new baby into your life and family and feel any fear or hesitation, contact her.


There are no words to express how precious our time connecting with my spirit baby was! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Not Sure Where To Start?

Interested in Womb Healing? Take this simple quiz to find out if Quantum Fertility Healing is right for you, or schedule a discovery call to learn more.

Liz’s Story

"Elaine provided me with information that only made sense to me and my family - messages and information that really truly resonated.  Most importantly after our session, I felt more empowered moving forward knowing that my spirit baby is connected to me"

Success Story

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