Celestial Midwifery

What It means to be a Celestial Soul Midwife for Lemuria

Lemuria was an ancient land in the South Pacific full of caring, wise, compassionate and spiritually elevated souls who brought infinite wisdom and knowledge from the stars to earth. 

I had many lifetimes in ancient Lemuria bringing down these star children and connecting them directly into the womb of the mothers who would bear them. This is my history and my calling in this lifetime.

I create a soul connection between the mother and the baby. I create the environment in the mother’s womb that makes it possible for her to conceive and nurture this type of soul in her womb.

My calling is to bring forth Lemurian children into the new reality which is coming upon Earth. I connect parents to the highest vibrational beings possible who wish to incarnate upon the planet.

If you feel called to parent a Lemurian star seed please schedule a connection call.