Connect to Your Womb Guided Meditation

Free guided meditation and healing
 transmission to strengthen
 the womb space.  

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I think every single woman needs to experience womb healing with Elaine. Over the past 10 years I had grown to think that being a woman was a curse, filled with pain and obstacles. These sessions with her are so empowering & have forever changed my mind and heart. Any woman seeking to let go, to regain your power, and to be able to love the woman in the mirror 100% will benefit from this amazing energy healer.
Vancouver, BC

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After this guided meditation you’ll:


Feel free to listen to it over and over, each time you may have a different experience yet you will still connect with your innate wisdom of your womb every time.

Creating a connection to your womb is a very important part of your healing journey. It is part of igniting your creation energy. You are setting your intention and telling the Universe that you are ready to connect with your inner wisdom and inner guidance. You can think about it as you are placing your order to God/Source/Creator/Universe and you are setting the stage to receive it.

It is also important to raise your vibration and bring in the feelings of love and joy to your awareness. This is another way of sending out that message to God/Source/Creator/ Universe that you are ready.

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