Connecting With The Akashic Records

Connecting With The Akashic Records 

Today I wanted to talk about something that’s been coming up a lot in my group program and with individual clients as well. It is, at the bottom line, all about the fertile energy, that creation energy.  But, I wanted to talk a little bit about the Akashic records, as well as ancestors, and the Hawaiian energy of this fertile land. 

Because this has been coming up so much in my work, I can’t not share it. Like, spirit is saying it’s important for me to share. 

So the first thing I want to talk about are the Akashic records. I don’t know how familiar you all are with the Akashic records so I’ll explain it. The Akashic records are basically your soul’s records. Some people see it as a book of information, some people see it as just this energy information that has details about your soul, and all of you: your past lives and parallel/concurrent lives (There’s a theory that everything is happening all at once.), and future lives. So you can think of it as past or parallel lives, as well as your future potential. 

I love connecting with the Akashic Records during my sessions because they really do provide a lot of information. Particularly when we’re looking to get to the root of infertility, or the root of pregnancy loss, especially recurrent pregnancy loss like, trying to answer why this is happening. And what can we do to resolve that? I get really specific information and guidance on how to to heal that and to end that pattern. A lot of it (reading Akashic records)  is showing patterns and the root of patterns. So I am extremely grateful for being able to connect with that and share it. 

The information just comes to me like I know it, I see it. And I trust it. And it really is quite beautiful, and quite powerful.

 But, one thing that I’ve noticed since the beginning of the year is that things are changing, the energy is shifting. That energy is changing and it’s not so much anymore about looking at the past and parallel lives. I feel like for so long we’ve been told, “there’s an emotional blockage”, “there’s an energy blockage” or, you know, “it’s some sort of past life issue” or something like that. 

So what I’ve noticed again since the beginning of the year, things are just changing. The energy is really changing so much. So much of the information that I’m getting and receiving from the Akashic Records is so much more about the future potential and remembering. During my sessions, I’m helping my clients and my participants in my program to remember their whole path, to remember their divinity, to remember that they are special, to remember this divine ability to create the life of our dreams.

Another thing that I find is that so often, the experiences that we have in this lifetime can create an energy that prevents us from seeing the truth. And so much of what I’m doing as I’m working with the Akashic Records is about this reminding, this remembering, helping you to remember your truth. And helping my clients to remember their own divinity, their own power, their own creation energy, and getting past the lies. These lies that create those densities that are around us in our energetic field, and in our mind. Navigating through those thought forms that have created these disbeliefs. And what I’m finding is that it’s really powerful to connect in this way. My clients and participants are feeling huge shifts.  I feel like things have just shifted so much since the beginning of the year and the energy really is very different. So then that leads me to the next aspect. 

Connecting With The Ancestors of This Land

Being a practitioner living on the island of Maui, and being able to connect to the land (‘āina) and I’m feeling totally supported by this land which is very fertile land is incredible. I think that there are like 13 ecosystems that are throughout the world and Hawaii has like 10 of them. So it’s very diverse land, right, we have parts of the land that are drier and more like desert. We have parts of the land that are jungle and more tropical forests. We’re surrounded by the ocean. And it really does create this fertile map. I’m extremely grateful to be connected here because the longer that I’m here and the more that I connect with the land, the more I’m able to not only honor that but to receive. So every day here my connection literally gets stronger. As I am here I intentionally connect with all of the elements, all of the beings of this land. 

And what’s been happening is that during my sessions when I’m channeling, not only the land, but like the Pacific Ocean comes through, Pachamama comes through, the Hawaiian ancestors are coming through. And they’re coming through with such potent energy. 

Yesterday, in my group program they brought forward some incredible healing energy and it was all about igniting your fertility. It was so much about them helping us connect to our inner strength and to remembering. During part of that they took us on a journey into a lava cave and showed us how to not be afraid of the darkness. And I feel like ultimately what that did for us was evoke this deeper sense of trust. 

And I’m sharing this because there’s so much happening in the world today. There’s so much distraction. There’s so much of this parent-child dynamic between the government and politicians, like saying what is best for our health, treating us like children, like we don’t know what is best for us. 

And I feel like what is most important is for us to trust, in to, and to step into our innate trust, knowing our body, trusting our bodies, trusting where we’re being led, regardless of the outside world. Going inward, into some of those spaces that might feel dark, to us, but being able to truly see in the dark and trust, and to know. Iigniting this deeper sense of trust on our path. And it is quite beautiful. 

The other aspect of this is connecting with our lineage, our ancestral lineage. Right, so that’s the other thing that has been shifting so much is that our own ancestors, and my clients ancestors are stepping forward, so fiercely, and it’s been so intense. It’s a common theme, the ancestors are coming forward to help us with our lineage and with our DNA, with our line to transcend. They are helping to create a change in what we’ve been told is possible. I feel like this is extremely pertinent, especially for those of you that are on your fertility journey and trying to conceive. Take a step back and trust, and know that you’re supported by your ancestors.  And realize that wherever you’re living in the world, there are always ancestors that are native to the land. Their energy is around you and it is powerful to connect with them. They are like your soul ancestors from all of the other lifetimes that you’ve lived. Remember all of those connections. You’re divinely supported. In addition to Mother Earth, Pachamama, the sky, the plants, the trees, all of the elements are bringing forward support, and healing if you are open to receiving it. 

So I know that a lot of what I’m saying is all over the place, but it’s exciting for me to share these messages from spirit, and the bottom line, the connection between ALL of this is to help us to remember.

Please leave me a comment or contact me if you’d like an Akashic Record reading or to connect with your spirit baby. 

With love,