Creating A Conscious Conception

Creating a Conscious Conception

Imagine what it would be like with less fear and anxiety around getting pregnant. Throughout my many years as a fertility shaman and soul midwife to 100’s of women, I have learned a good deal about what helps women overcome their fertility obstacles so they can finally get pregnant and become a mom. This is how I discovered the importance of creating a conscious conception. Today, I want to share with you what that means and why it’s so important for women trying to conceive. 

A conscious conception goes beyond the physical body to a space of mindfulness co-creating with the Divine and the soul of your unborn baby, your spirit baby. It’s the decision to call in a baby by preparing our mind, body, and spirit for this sacred journey to motherhood.  As you co-create this loving space, you break through energetic blocks, past traumas, old patterns of fear and anxiety, and any fertility issues that may have been preventing conception. 

A key aspect of creating a conscious conception is in communicating with your spirit baby. In working with women who have experienced pregnancy loss, infertility, and various challenges on their fertility journey, I have found that connecting with their spirit baby brings a sense of trust in their body and allows them to relax again.  As they receive images, messages, and feel that visceral feeling of the energy of their spirit baby being near them, their entire fertility journey shifts out of a path of fear and anxiety, into a feeling of safety and joy that this baby is going to come in this lifetime and knowing that he or she is on their way. It brings peace of mind to those who have been struggling and feeling hopeless and disappointed. 

Imagine being able to communicate with your spirit baby to find out what he/she needs and desires to come into this earthly plane. When you learn how to connect with your spirit baby and create the space he/she needs it changes everything you thought you knew about conception. Knowing that your desire to be a mom can and will manifest in this lifetime is transformational and empowering to women struggling with fertility challenges.   

 I want you to know that it is possible to create this conscious conception and dissolve the anxiety and fear by knowing and feeling your baby is near.