EFT Tapping as a Stress Solution for Fertility

EFT Tapping as a Stress Solution for Fertility

 I first discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping) back about 10 years ago when my daughter was about a month old. My best friend at the time called me in a panic and asked me to go over and I went over and found out that her grand-baby had just passed away from SIDS. So it was early in the morning. They just realized that the baby wasn’t breathing so I stayed there with her and was in that space with chaos and everything happening. It was really traumatic for me. And I felt like the most traumatic part of all of that was when they took the baby away on the gurney. And that was really difficult for me like I said my baby was a month old. And her grand-baby was four months old and it was really close. And after that I couldn’t sleep. I kept my baby right next to me. I was so worried all of the time and I couldn’t get those images out of my head of what I had seen. And then we’re also just eating in that environment was very, like I said, very traumatic for me. 

And so I had mentioned it to one of my friends. And she said well let me come over and I’ll help you do EFT and I was like, I don’t know what that is but okay, like I was open to anything that would help. And so she came over and she started doing this tapping and I’ll be honest, I thought okay, this looks kind of weird. But I’ll try it because I was just a mess. I was literally a mess because I hadn’t been sleeping. And I was really affected by that experience. So we did the tapping in my living room. And it was so profound that within 30 minutes I found a huge difference. Just such a huge change. And one of the ways that I like to describe it is all of that experience and all of that fear, all of those emotions were right here in front of my face, and I couldn’t see anything else. And when we were finished tapping, it moved away, and it was out to the side. And I could see the experience as simply an experience without that emotional surge. And I was just blown away. And so I was extremely grateful for that opportunity. And that got me interested to learn more about tapping. 

I feel like it really helps to bring peace but also, it brings space. What I mean by space is that on the journey, we experience so many ups and downs right? And particularly if there was pregnancy loss, (and that was my experience was a pregnancy loss)  I feel like it just kind of helps move those emotions Out of the way and it gives you space to to think clearly and to be able to just to be, and to have that space and that awareness to know that you are on the right path even if there are challenges.

But on the fertility journey we experience these challenges and these difficulties. So whether it’s pregnancy loss or infertility or  irregular cycles, whatever it is that is going on. All of that kind of keeps repeating over and over like every month that you’re not pregnant. It brings in those feelings and those emotions that there’s something wrong or that I can’t trust my body because my body has failed me month after month. Right? And even after a pregnancy loss, then it’s really hard to trust because you were able to get pregnant but the pregnancy didn’t continue. And so that again creates a disconnect between you and your body and trusting your body. And so what I find with my clients is when we can do some tapping around fears and just what is going on with some of their thoughts and feelings keeping them disconnected from their body in that sense, the tapping helps them to kind of just feel more, I guess complete or fully connected to their body. And when that happens, I find there’s just this beautiful flow of energy, you know, Mind Body Spirit just flowing through and I find that’s where some real change can happen.

All of those thoughts are heavy and that’s one of the reasons why I love using tapping because again, tapping just kind of helps lighten things up and create more space.

So, if you are new to tapping I would suggest just tuning into just taking a moment closing your eyes and just kind of I always say start with just a scan of your body. Now just close your eyes and just imagine starting at the top of your head and just kind of scanning your body from head to toe. And then just notice, having an awareness of how your body feels. And then what are the thoughts coming in when you’re tuning into your body and those are the thoughts to kind of to start with because your body will talk to you. Our body at all is energy also right and so it will respond to you. It’s giving you a message if you have pain, that’s a message. And so just taking a moment to tune in is a really great place to start. And then just being aware of those thoughts that come in. What were those thoughts? And it could be something like, “I don’t like my body” or it could be, “I don’t trust my body”. It could be a plethora of things. 

What I find with most of my clients is that there’s fear around trusting your body or fear around,  “I’m not going to get pregnant” or “I can’t get pregnant”. And underneath all of that is the trust of the body. So when I begin tapping I’m gonna start with the statement, “Even though I feel afraid to trust my body I totally and completely love, trust and forgive myself”. 

To trust your body is kind of a big topic. And so, I find fear is interrupting that connection between you and your body. So if we work on releasing that fear, then that allows more connection.

Fear can build up over time, and I feel like a lot of fear messages come in during childhood. And we don’t even realize that some of these messages came in since we were young children and they’re still replaying over and over and then they just get bigger and bigger and louder and louder and end up being all right in front of us affecting your ability to know innately that love. 

I really do feel that love heals everythings, and if we just open to the possibility of more love and allow love to flow through all parts of our body then that creates harmony. 

It could create some resistance if you just start to say “I trust my body” when you don’t really and you’re not there yet, so when you say you’re open to the possibility it’s just planting the seed and it’s easier for your logical mind to accept as a truth and open to the possibility  because it’s gentle and safe and realistic. 

I recommend doing the tapping before your menstrual cycle, and at the beginning of the 2 week wait, is a perfect time. The two week wait is a time when not much else can be done so the tapping can be helpful for the doubts and trust. I find it’s very helpful to add in a visualization, imagine your body being filled with golden light (that’s representative of love) when those fears come in just visualize and imagine that golden light allowing that to fill in your body with the tapping, and you can even use the golden light visualization when you don’t have time to tap. 

You can view or print my EFT Basic Sequence I’ve shared below.

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