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Elaine Lopez-Bogard, Fertility Shaman

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After this meditation you'll


WOW Elaine, this is amazing!!! I have not enough words to thank you for that!!! Your intuitive guidance was completely accurate and I am grateful for connecting with you to bring my babies over. This is amazing!!!! Thank you so much Elaine, and my daughter thanks you too!
Would love to share the experience I had with Elaine, when we connected with my womb and spirit baby. The step by step meditation was so deep, it got me so emotional. But a good emotional. Really got to connect with my womb. Also to see my spirit baby, that was just amazing! After the connection, I felt empowered and happy. Throughout my whole day I just felt really good! Also to know, in the near future I will have my spirit baby in my arms. Just know it. I greatly appreciate you Elaine Lopez-Bogard and I can't THANK YOU enough!
I contacted Elaine to connect to my next baby. It was more than I expected! Not only did my spirit baby show up, but so did a couple other spirits offering words of love and support. Elaine is connected to her gifts and her work. If you desire to welcome a new baby into your life and family and feel any fear or hesitation, contact her.

I invite you to listen to it over and over. Each time you may have a different experience yet, you’ll still connect with your baby each and every time.

Creating a spiritual connection is a very important part of conception. It’s part of creating your sacred, conscious conception. You’re setting your intention and telling the Universe that you are ready to receive the beautiful gift of your soulmate baby. You can think about it as if you’re placing an order to God/Source/Creator/Universe and this meditation will help you set the stage to receive it.


It’s also important to raise your vibration and bring in the feelings of love and joy to your awareness. This is another way of sending out that message to God/Source/Creator/ Universe that you are ready.

Please reach out to me via email at if you have any questions, or need more support. 

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