Stop Struggling in Your Fertility Journey… Get Instant Access To My Guided Meditation

Connecting with Your Spirit Baby (or soul of your baby) to Create a Sacred Conception  


Still Not Sure If This Is Right For You?

After using your guided meditation you will…

  • Be able to connect with the soul of your baby. 
  • You will feel the reality of having your baby close to you so that you can create it in the physical world.
  • You will also feel so much peace and love and be able to hold on to those feeling for days to come. 

Feel free to listen to it over and over, each time you may have a different experience yet you will still connect with your baby each and every time.

Creating a spiritual connection is a very important part of conception. It is part of creating your sacred conception. You are setting your intention and telling the Universe that you are ready to receive the beautiful gift of your soulmate baby. You can think about it as you are placing your order to God/Source/Creator/Universe and you are setting the stage to receive it.

It is also important to raise your vibration and bring in the feelings of love and joy to your awareness. This is another way of sending out that message to God/Source/Creator/ Universe that you are ready.

Are you ready to take the next step towards connecting with your soul baby?

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