IVF Isn’t Your Only Option

 Today I wanted to share with you something that has been coming up that I just feel really, I just feel it in my heart to share with you. And that is, IVF is not the only solution. See here’s the thing. I have worked with clients that are going through the IVF process, and I am very happy to assist them in that way. However, where I want to challenge Western medicine and assisted reproductive technology is when women are being told that IVF is the only option. Especially women over 35, are so often told, “you know, you’re an advanced maternal age and at this point, the only option is IVF.” 

And I have to say, Well, the thing that’s missing, and the thing that the IVF doctors don’t understand, is they don’t understand spirit, and they don’t understand the emotional aspects, the mind-body connection. They don’t understand that when we work with the mind and the body, we can create substantial change in the body. Not only that, when we work with spirit, and when we work with energy we can tap into infinite possibilities. We can tap in to the wisdom and the strength of our ancestors. We can tap into and call upon other spiritual beings to come and assist us to help us to balance our body to remove any blockages to help us get through anything that might be interfering with conception. 

And along the way, there are so many things to be aware of.  What I find is that the souls that are coming in right now are our highly evolved, they’re high frequency beings, and they want their moms to be a match for them. And so sometimes what I have found is that these fertility challenges are kind of placed on someone’s path to help them look deeper inside. And as they gain this awareness of what is going on, what those emotional or spiritual blockages could be, they can release them. Opening up and letting go of what no longer is serving them creates this flow in their body and helps the mother to raise her vibration to expand her consciousness, expand her ability to see possibilities and be open to bring in this beautiful soul.

 And so my suggestion and my advice to you is if you’ve been told by a doctor that IVF is your only option reach out to me. I’m happy to help you look at other possibilities.

One of the things that I always always say is that when we work with spirit, anything is possible. I have seen miracle after miracle. Clients that have been told they have less than a 5% chance of conceiving, they have babies in their arms!  Clients that have been, “told you have to do IVF, it’s the only way”. And IVF failed them, and they worked with me and they have their babies now! It it is completely possible to go beyond physical body challenges working with spirit and working with energy. 

Again, that’s why I do what I do and that’s why I have such a high success rate is because I am able to help anchor in those possibilities and work with spirit and the spiritual beings in this way, as well as, you know, working with your physical body. So, all in all, what I want to say is there are possibilities and Western medicine isn’t the only option.

So yeah, if that’s on your heart to explore then, you know, by all means explore it, but just know that that is not the end all be all. Especially when we’re connecting with your spirit baby.  because your spirit baby has so much wisdom and so much information, so much unconditional love to bring in. And as you connect and feel that unconditional love everything else dissolves away. That’s why another thing I like to say is, love heals all. It really does, so that’s what I wanted to share about IVF and Western medicine. 

 If you have any questions please let me know. And I’m still looking for more women to interview. So if you would like to connect with me and share a little bit about your fertility journey I would love to connect with you. So just comment below or send me a private message. 

I hope you have an amazing day, much love and Aloha.