Journey Into Your Womb – Guided Meditation


Journey Into The Womb is a downloadable guided meditation for women who are ready to ignite their fertility. 



Are You Ready to Ignite Your Fertile Life?

Our wombs are where we hold our energy of creation, it is such a potent space. And so often what I find is that on this journey to conception some women are really disconnected from it. So I’ve created this guided meditation, a journey to your womb space to lead you into the dark center of your being and shine light onto what’s being held in there. 

Our wombs have and can store so many different emotions and energies thought forms and traumatic experiences. And as we go on a journey to look at what is in there you will have profound releases. You will have profound shifts, energy changes. This journey into the womb space creates an opportunity to be able to look at what’s in there and to release what is no longer serving you. 

The other beautiful thing about this journey is that we also go to the cosmic world. And you might be saying, “well what is in the cosmic world, what does that have to do with me?” So the way that I see the cosmic world is the space that encompasses all of creation, everything. It often shows up for me as this beautiful space, like in the galaxy.  It represents the energy of possibility. And as we are able to connect with this energy of possibility it really helps spark that creative energy within you. It helps you to feel like the divine creator that you are. It helps you ignite your fertile life, reminding you that you are creating the life of your dreams, and it is such a beautiful, beautiful journey.

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