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  • EFT Tapping as a Stress Solution for Fertility
    EFT Tapping as a Stress Solution for Fertility  I first discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping) back about 10 years ago when my daughter was about a month old. My best friend at the time called me in a panic and asked me to go over and I went over and found out that her …
  • Creating A Conscious Conception
    Creating a Conscious Conception Imagine what it would be like with less fear and anxiety around getting pregnant. Throughout my many years as a fertility shaman and soul midwife to 100’s of women, I have learned a good deal about what helps women overcome their fertility obstacles so they can finally get pregnant and become …
  • When The Land Keeps You Up at Night, Listen
    Aloha, today I am talking about connecting to the land that you live on. And the reason I’m talking about this is because of my recent move. It’s been quite the journey, quite the weekend, I’m happy that we’re finally getting settled. And so I wanted to share my experience about what happened as we …
  • Spirit Baby Communication After a Pregnancy
    In this video Elaine Lopez-Bogard shares how Spirit Baby Communication can help you after a pregnancy loss.
  • Guided Meditation to Connect to the Wisdom of Your Womb
    During this guided meditation you will learn how to easily connect to your womb and receive guidance from that energetic space.
  • Introduction
    Introduction to Elaine Lopez-Bogard Quantum Fertility Healing and