Womb Healing After Miscarriage

March 14, 2020

I had an amazing womb healing session this week. My client had a D&C after a miscarriage and the procedure ended up creating so much scar tissue that she had to have three additional procedures to correct it. As I was scanning her womb, I could clearly see the residual energy from the doctors as well as the instruments used. There was a strong energy of my client just being a number in the day of the doctor(s) and as if she was in an assembly line of patients. With the instruments, I could sense the energy of all the other patients those instruments cut before. Yes, all this energy was still trapped in her uterus/womb. As that was being released my client said she could feel a big knot in her womb moving around until it totally released.

Once that was done we were blessed with a visit by Mother Mary. As she came forward she brought such beautiful healing energy and then I could see her holding my client in her arms. It was so beautiful that I began to cry as I could feel the divine love flowing in. When we finished the session my client said that she felt so much better and lighter and she feels wonderful and blessed.

I love love love the work I do and how I am able to help so many women become Divine Mothers. If you or anyone you know has had a difficult D&C, IVF transfer, or even birth trauma please reach out to me.