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Alisa C.
Alisa C.Kihei, HI

Elaine is truly gifted on what she does. She is so kind, loving and giving.
I've been trying to conceive for over a year now and it has been so hard since I had an early miscarriage in Sept 2017. I questioned and doubted myself thinking there is no hope. Well I just recently met Elaine in person and what she did was opened up my heart & soul to the baby that I am going to meet soon. It was so magical in such a serene way. I held my spirit baby and just tears came rolling down knowing that it will happen. A whole weight of doubt came off of my shoulders when I was driving home, literally I felt so amazing after our chat. I can't stop smiling since I met Elaine. I truly thank you Elaine for everything!

Allenia O.
Allenia O.CA

I came to Elaine with hope via facebook seeking womb healing and reconnection due to childhood traumas and an abortion at one point in my life. Elaine had NO idea about any of the above. We hadn't discussed anything other than my desire to hear from my spirit babies. Amazingly, she was able to help me identify the root cause of my blockage and communicate with my spirit babies conveying several messages to me that left me in tears. Within just a few minutes online with her, I started feeling tingling in my womb area that quickly turned into a surge of warmth and energy vibrating up toward my heart. The feeling was euphoric, I felt complete bliss, free, and connected to ALL of me for the first time ever. Its been a little after a month since she worked with me but the session has transformed, helped me heal, and boosted my levels of creativity and courage. I am super grateful for her intuitive gifts that have assisted me in reconnecting with myself and for being available to help me on my journey of healing and understanding. She's gentle, patient, sincere, considerate, and simply amazing. If you approach your session with her with an open heart the results will come.


What I have most appreciated in my session with Elaine is her sensitive and accurate guidance, especially in meeting my baby soul and anchoring that beautiful energy in my body. She was also very precise in identifying the physical and energetic conditions that needed healing and I deeply felt her light coming through. I definitely feel much lighter and clearer, thanks a lot Elaine!

Jennifer D.
Jennifer D.

After our session I just felt like I was walking on clouds. I took a pregnancy test yesterday that was faint, but positive. I took another today... a digital that read "pregnant". I feel so happy and calm. I have honestly not felt afraid. Again. I'm realistic, but I'm just holding on to these moments with this warm, glowing soul. Thank you so much Elaine!


Elaine has a true gift. My husband was a big skeptic of anything to do with psychics, but he didn’t understand how much pain and sadness I had hid from him for the past year since my miscarriage. I was hoping for a message or some sign that my baby was OK, and thanks to Elaine I got it. I’ve never cried so many tears of relief! I can finally relax knowing that my baby’s soul is with me. I am now finally feeling ready to start trying again for another baby, and my relationship with my husband is closer than it has been in years. Thank you so much for the gift you’ve given me.


I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Quantum fertility healing. I believe in energy, and knew that I needed help to get over the anxiety I felt while trying to conceive. What drew me to Elaine is how caring and understanding she is. For once in my life I didn’t feel judged or ashamed to talk about my past. She helped me find my inner strength and let go of years of secrets that I’d kept. 2 months after my initial session, I found out I am pregnant! We will be welcoming a beautiful baby girl in the spring. I highly recommend Elaine to anyone struggling with infertility.


I am new to spiritual connections and I had never thought about the connection we have with our children before they come into the world. It felt amazing to know that there is a possibility of having another child in the future. We were able to connect and work through a few obstacles that are currently making this a little difficult for us to conceive at this time.

This session was everything I needed to feel hope in our desire to have a child- to know there is a possibility again. I am thankful for your work Elaine you are helping to heal so many!

Holly W.

Whether your experience is one hour or one workshop with Elaine, you will leave changed in the most peaceful and positively simple ways. I wish this for everyone. THERE IS NOTHING TO HIDE and no reason to when working with Elaine. She is the least judgmental person I have ever met, so do not worry about judgments at all. Our biggest judge is usually ourselves, and Elaine is there to guide us to be gentle with ourselves.


Elaine is kind, caring and giving. She helped me get "unstuck" from a dark place I felt trapped in after experiencing a loss. I'm still working through my grief but she gave me the tools to get through each day. Thank you, Elaine!

T. J.

Working with Elaine was truly life-changing and took my beliefs to a whole new level. As she took us through the manifestation exercises and the energy clearing, I literally felt my limiting thoughts being removed. By the end of the session I was clear on my goals and realized that I had been holding myself back. It was nothing short of remarkable.

B. Portzline

Elaine is truly a gifted healer. Her amazing ability to pinpoint exactly what her clients need is second to none. She has transformed my business, my health, and most importantly my outlook on what is truly possible for my life.


Elaine, I feel good, a lot of stuff has cleared, mainly anger. I feel like I have been able to let go of the anger I’ve had over things that have happened in the last year. I feel much more balanced, I am procrastinating less than I was, though, and am able to get the stuff for that I need to do all is well.

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