Using Kinesiology To Help You Get Pregnant

I honestly feel that this is part of the reason I have really high success rates with my clients helping them to get pregnant, is because I look at the physical body as well as the energetics.

 So, what I have found in my practice over the past five years is that you really cannot do just energy work without addressing the physical body, because the physical body has to be strong enough to withhold, integrate and to maintain all of the energetic changes that we create.  Looking at the physical body is just as important as looking at the emotional body and the spiritual body and all of the energy  combined, really is an amazing true, holistic approach to healing, and that’s what I do.

 So I just wanted to share a little bit about what kinesiology is and how it works. So, if you don’t know what kinesiology is the easiest way for me to describe it is it is like a lie detector test to your body.

Your Built-In Lie Detector Test 

Your body knows the truth from a lie. And you can test this out yourself.

One of the ways I like people to test it is to just say a statement.

  For example, let’s say you can say outloud to yourself, (because I’m Elaine, and you’re not) so you can say, “my name is Elaine”, and you stand there relaxed, and then you just kind of let your body sway either forward or backwards. 

And so if you just set the intention that you want to find answers for yourself and you say, “my name is Elaine”, your body is going to go backwards, because that’s a no. 

And let’s say you are, Stephanie. And you say, “my name is Stephanie”, then your body will go forward, because that’s a yes. 

This is called the sway test and this is one way of muscle testing. 

So that’s one way that I like to show my clients how this works right because your body knows the truth from a lie at any given moment. 

So what I do and how I use kinesiology is, I use it in a way to be somewhat like a medical detective. I use it in a way to deduce what is out of balance in your physical body. Then, I have remedies and I will test a remedy that will be strong, that will help strengthen whatever area is weak in your body. Now, when we combine that together, it is extremely customized for your body and what you need. Again, why I have really good results and why most kinesiologists have really good results is because it’s completely customized to you and to your body. There is never any type of like a cookie cutter protocol for you.

 Once you do get pregnant (like most of my clients that I work with) I do have some general lists that I go through. Most clients, once they’re pregnant continue working with me. We do a lot of physical body work because the baby, the growth and the development changes throughout the pregnancy and so we are constantly looking at those changes.

Identifying Imbalances in The Physical Body 

This is an image of the body, and these are the points, all of the points of the body that I test.

Now, this will test all of the organ systems. And it helps you determine what is weak. And then again, like I said, then we figure out what herbs, minerals, vitamins, and supplements you have that will make it strong, and as it becomes strong, then that is the remedy that your body needs to heal and to strengthen and to move forward. This is just for the physical body.

There are several different ways that I go about deducing, what you need. One of the ways is determining the priority. 

Your Body Prioritizes It’s Healing Needs

 Your body at any given time, knows what the number one priority is that it wants to heal. With that, I use muscle testing, again, to figure out all of the priorities. The list that I go through has 11 different subsets of groups that have priorities. We go through that and we figure out which is the number one priority, and then go from there and then from that subsection then deduce even further.  For example, is it digestion, is it liver, is it yeast, is it virus, is it the endocrine system, is it a parasite, or is it heavy metals? 

This is an in depth look at your body. All this time, your body is telling me what it needs to do to balance out. Our goal is to help you get into the homeostasis state because that’s where healing and change and transformation can happen.

The other thing that I test for is any type of cell salts, any type of vitamin or mineral deficiency. And I have another list, and another chart that I go through for that as well. Like I said, your body will always tell me, and I follow the guidance of your body, and just work in that way.

Get A Quantum Fertility Assessment

I’m also sharing about holistic kinesiology because I am offering fertility assessment sessions, and these sessions will help to give you an overview of where you’re at in your body. 

Such as, what might be out of balance, and any remedies that will help you to balance your physical body. And we will also look at any emotional blockages or interferences, and any subconscious beliefs that might be in the way as well. In this wellness assessment we don’t do a whole lot of actual healing in that session, but this assessment is all about identifying what is imbalanced and what the remedy is.

If it is something emotional or spiritual, a lot of times I can go ahead and share  (your body will tell me what it needs) to help it to heal. And so I just share everything that comes through during the session. If it is physical or there’s more involved, we will discuss a plan and you can decide from there.  

So if that is something that you’re interested in and you would love to experience just send me a message and we will get you set up for a virtual fertility assessment. 

I hope you guys have an amazing day and if you have any questions at all about kinesiology just let me know.

Much love ladies,