What Is Spiritual Fertility Healing?

Spiritual Fertility Healing

Fertility is a multi-fold issue. It is not just about the meeting of a sperm and an egg, there are many variables that come into play and essentially it is about bringing spirit into matter. I bridge that gap as I go into the world of spirit and I help facilitate the entryway of that spirit into matter in the best way, in the best circumstances possible.

In today’s reality many women experience fertility issues due to the harsh environment on Earth. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with pollutants that affect our ability to become pregnant. For example:

  • toxins in our air water and land
  • due to anxiety and stress,
  • due to foods laced with unnatural ingredients
  • and due to poisons all around us

Science shows us that this is sadly true with the latest statistics showing that 1 in 8 women between age 25-45 experience fertility issues. It may feel overwhelming, but look around and you will notice there are still women who defy the odds and become pregnant despite the obstacles. So please maintain hope, and know that anything is possible.

When a woman is fertile she is receptive and a woman’s receptivity to having a child is very is key to a woman actually getting pregnant.

If you are desiring to have a child and you are having fertility issues I can help you by clearing any of the blocks either physical or non-physical that are creating infertility.

I energetically cleanse the lining of the uterus, I speak to the reproductive organs: the ovaries, the uterus, the sperm. I bring in the energy of welcoming and receptivity inside the woman’s womb. All of this works to create a stable and nurturing physical environment so that the conception of a high vibrational being of light can implant. A being of light in human form, which you will see me refer to as Spirit Babies.

I have helped many women with fertility problems and I can help those who wish to bring another life into this world. It is my greatest gift, joy and happiness to do this work.