When The Land Keeps You Up at Night, Listen

Aloha, today I am talking about connecting to the land that you live on. And the reason I’m talking about this is because of my recent move. It’s been quite the journey, quite the weekend, I’m happy that we’re finally getting settled. And so I wanted to share my experience about what happened as we were moving in. 

The land has so much to offer us, wherever we’re living, wherever we’re staying, the land really does have a lot to offer us. And it’s up to us to make a conscious choice to connect with it. And as we do that, then the land can share with you more insights, and can help you to really create a fertile life. Because the land wants to support us in all areas of our life. When I came here before we got the place, I was able to connect to the land because that’s what I do. Any place that I move to, I always connect with the house, as well as the land. And so I connected with the land before we moved here, and everything felt like it was a go, everything was great. Getting this place was super easy. Everything fell into place really quickly, which is amazing, because housing is really a challenge here on Maui. And it’s getting even harder because more and more people are moving here because of the pandemic. So everything worked out really well. 

This Land Has a Lesson 

But after moving in here, the very first night, I didn’t sleep at all, because it was like I was working. I was connecting with the land and the land was showing me my connection to the island of Tonga, I’m not sure if you know of Tonga, and where that is at. But that’s an island over near New Zealand, still in the Pacific. And it doesn’t surprise me because I know, my soul has a lot of lifetimes and lots of lineage here in the Pacific Ocean. And so, for me, what it showed me was it was helping me to release a deeper fear that I had.

Sometimes, working in the unseen world can be a little unnerving because you don’t know what you’re going to see or encounter. When I’m in sessions I never have any fear because I know I’m fully supported. But, I can tell you that I’ve cleared away some crazy things that most people won’t even believe are real. And, I have assisted in the removal of these non beneficial energies. 

 But there was an area that I was still subconsciously nervous about and that I wasn’t always thinking about. But as I moved here into this land, this new land has shown me, this new area has given me a greater awareness of the fear that I had. And so the first probably three nights that we were here, I didn’t sleep well at all. And each night, it was more work and more connection. The land was actually working with me as I couldn’t sleep because I kept getting woken up to look at some of these fears that I had. And so the whole point of me sharing all of this is to share that the land has a lot to offer you. It is up to us to make the conscious choice to connect with the land and to offer love, offer gratitude. And be open to connecting with it and then asking the land to show you what it has to offer you, and what it has to contribute to your fertile life. 

Because if you think about our life, and the land that we live on, this is about creating fertile soil, right? Because we want to live the life of our dreams, our best life, a happy life, a full life and an abundant life. All of that really comes down to different aspects of fertility, and being able to be fertile in all areas of our life.

Haleakala Maui Hawaii Crater  - Dee808 / Pixabay
Dee808 / Pixabay

So a simple way for us to do that is to find a quiet space. I have a beautiful space now in my bedroom to do meditation with this gorgeous view of Haleakala that I didn’t have before. Find yourself a quiet space where you can just connect and set your intention to connect with the land. 

How To Start Connecting With The Land

Start with the land first. First, you’re going to connect with the land. So as we connect to the land, we can ask the land to show us in a way that we will understand

So you offer gratitude to the land you’re living on, then offer love, and say something like, “thank you for providing the foundation for my home”. Simple. 

 And then you can just simply sit and be quiet. Allow yourself, allow your love to pour out to the land. And then you can ask, show me what you have for me to learn. Show me what my lesson is here. I’m here to learn from you, the land. And then just be quiet. Or you can ask that it be revealed to you in your dream time and just be open to receive that as well. And it’s just that simple. It’s not a long drawn out thing. 

So just spend some time, if you’re going to do that when you’re awake just be quiet and open to whatever those thoughts that are that come in and allow that to unfold for you. See what messages you receive. 

One of the other things that I’ve done that you can do as well as you can ask to be shown, like your connection to the planet, right where you are and how this is your connection to the entire planet or all of the galaxy. And that’s also really insightful too, because you can receive different information about that. And that really helps to change your perspective and to let you know you’re not alone. So much that this work shows me is a reminder that we’re not alone. That’s so much of what I do is working with the unseen world. The land provides so much strength and stability and, richness is the word that they’re giving me. It’s a richness if you think about planting the seed, you want soil that is rich, you’re planting yourself in a home on land. So you want all of that to be rich.

How do you make it rich? You connect to the land, you offer love and gratitude, love and gratitude can change everything quickly. So, just being intentional and offering love and gratitude to your space into land. And just allow that to unfold for you and to unpack for you and see what happens. See what messages you receive. See what comes forward for you. 

Listening & Being Open 

One of the other messages I received from the land I’m on, is that this is temporary. I’m not gonna be here very long. When I moved here my original thought was sometime between 9 months to 1 year. But the land is telling me it’s not going to get attached to me. It knows I’m going to be leaving sooner than I realized. And that makes me a little nervous. I don’t know what that means or where I’m gonna go. 

I was hoping to stay here a little bit longer. But I don’t know, it just helps me to be open to what the land has to offer and where else I’m going. 

Another thing I wanted to share about the land is just moving, where I moved is literally five minutes, maybe seven minutes south of where I lived before. And one of the biggest things that I noticed is it’s a lot darker here. It’s further away from the lights of the town. So it’s a lot darker here. But it’s, and it’s a lot cooler here. Also, because I’m higher up, it’s a higher elevation. And I have if I walk, just maybe a block south there’s a  street that goes straight down to the beach. And so I have this amazing view of I just walked to that street, this amazing view of the ocean.

Sunset Palms Beach Grass Purple  - BKD / Pixabay
Image Credit: BKD / Pixabay

 But what I’ve seen is even just 5 to seven minutes away from where I was, the land is very different and has so much more to offer. And as you connect with the land that you live in and on, and, again, ask it to show you what it has to share with you. It will help you open up to a greater awareness of your surroundings, and a greater sense of your own soul and lineage. it will show you different parts of the earth where you are from. Like I said this has shown me my soul lineage to Tonga and my gifts I’m bringing forward from my time in Tonga. So just this movement opened this up for me. And the other aspect is consolidating. Packing up your things. 

So I also encourage you to go through your house and consolidate the things and release things you aren’t using, things that have been sitting in your home for years and maybe you didn’t touch for a while.

 We went from a three bedroom, 2 bathroom 1800 sqft house to a 2 bedroom 1000 sq ft house. So I had to let go of a lot. I had to go through everything. And I’m continuing to go through my stuff and let go of it because none of it really matters, right?

I encourage you to take some time, connect with your land, see what the land has to offer you. 

And see how you feel different when you make an intentional connection to the land. And offer love to see how things change in your house. See how things feel in your house, see how things feel different once you create that connection. And then after you connect with the land, then you connect with your house. And you see what your house has to offer you and you thank your house, and offer gratitude to your house as well.

So give that a try and let me know how that feels and how that changes for you. Let me know how things shift for you. Because it really does make a difference and I really have a greater awareness now moving just five to seven minutes down the street. It’s really pretty interesting.

 All right, sorry for being long winded. That’s just how I am. So I hope that this was helpful for you and I hope you try to connect to your land, see what it has to offer and let me know. I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Join my group on Facebook and share with me your experience. 

With love,